the sales tax in Illinois is 6.25%. about how much will a pair of jeans that has a ticket price of $48.99 cost, including sales tax?


Answer 1

Cost of the pair of jeans = $48.99

Sales tax = 6.25%

Total cost = $48.99+6.25%

                 = $49.05

Therefore, the total cost including sales tax is $49.05

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Find the particular solution to y ' = 2sin(x) given the general solution is y = C - 2cos(x) and the initial condition y of pi over 2 equals 1 .-2cos(x)2 - 2cos(x)1 - 2cos(x)-2 - 2cos(x) I think it is option C. Thank you in advance!
Is 2/9 closest to 0 1/2 or 1
If the price of an item is increased by 12%, the increase in the price is sh.90. Find the new price of the item.
Andrea can clean a house 4 times as fast as Denise. When they work together, Andrea and Denise can clean a large house in 8 hours. How many hours would it take Denise to clean the house by herself?
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Gabrielle's age is two times Mikhail's age. The sum of their ages is 27. What is Mikhail's age?


Let Gabrielle's age be = x years

Let Mikhail's age be = y years

As given, Gabrielle's age is two times Mikhail's age


The sum of their ages is 27


Putting x=2y, we have,




As x+y=27, x=18

Hence, Gabrielle's age is 18 years

Mikhail's age is 9 years.

Gabrielle is 18 and Mikhail is 9

What is 4-6h-8h=60 answer


First you can subtract 6h-8h =-2h
Now divide and you get 56/2 =28

What is 7.3939393939 (a repeating decimal) written as a fraction?!?!?!?!?!


x=7.393939...\n 100x=739.393939...\n 100x-x=739.393939...-7.393939...\n99x=732\n x=(732)/(99)

The entire exterior of a large wooden cube is painted red, and then the cube is sliced into n^3 smaller cubes (where n > 2). Each of the smaller cubes is identical. In terms of n, how many of these smaller cubes have been painted red on at least one of their faces?A. 6n^2
B. 6n^2 – 12n + 8
C. 6n^2 – 16n + 24
D. 4n^2
E. 24n – 24



B. 6n^2-12 n +8

Step-by-step explanation:


The number of smaller cubes = n^3

So, the number of cubes that have no coloured faces.  = (n-2)^3,

Note : If a cube painted outside having side n is split into n³ cubes, then the volume volume that is not painted = (n-2)³

Thus, the remaining cubes that have been painted red on at least one of their faces

= Total cubes - cubes with no painted face

= n^3 -(n-2)^3

=n^3 - (n^3 - 8 - 6n^2 +12n)

=6n^2-12 n +8

Hence, OPTION B is correct.

True or false? The most common system of measurement for medication is the metric system.




Step-by-step explanation:

The metric system is used for most scientific and medical measurements and all pharmaceutical companies now use the metric system for labeling medications.

Final answer:

The most common system of measurement for medication is indeed the metric system, which is utilized globally for its precision and universality. Its units cater to fundamental attributes in medicine dosages, such as volume, length and weight.


True, the most common system of measurement for medication is the metric system. This system is utilized globally and, in the healthcare field, it's critical for measuring and administering medications due to its precision and universality. The metric system's units of meters, liters, and grams cater to volume, length and weight - all fundamental attributes in medication dosages. If we take an example, a physician may prescribe 500 milligrams (mg) of a particular drug, where the milligram is a common metric unit used to denote mass.

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What is the value of 1-18+25 if you subtract then add? If you add then subtract? Why is the order of operations necessary?


In this problem it just goes left to right, 1-18+25 = -17+25 = 8
When you do addition and subtraction they are reversible so you just go left to right