What is greater 8/9 or 11/12


Answer 1
Answer: 11/12 because 11 divided by 12 is 0.9166667 and 8 divided by 9 is 0.8889

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Help please K? cya gtg
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22/100 in simplest form


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22/100 in simplest form would be 11/50, since the LCF of 22/100 is 2 you would divide 22/100 by 2. So, 22/2 is 11, and 100/2 would be 50. So, 22/50 in simplest form would be 11/50

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You can actually divided the numerator and denominator by a number that can go into both 22 and 100 but also not get a remainder.

So 22/2= 11

And 100/2=50

Combined you get 11/50

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Number 36 I need help on please thank you?!!


Well, if 20% is 6, then you have to multiply it by 5 to get the whole class. 6 x 5 = 30. So in conclusion, the number of students is 30. Hope this helped!
30 as 6 =20% ×5 = 100% = 30

Please Answer The Ones That Are Circled. (DON'T PUT DECIMALS FOR THE DIVISION PUT REMAINDER)if u can't see any tell me.


Lesson 2.7:
1) / divide 195 by 18 to get 10.833.
/ to get the whole number, round up to get '11'.
11 cartons

Lesson 2.8:
588 ÷ 847
5) 6,681 ÷ 53 = 126 with a remainder of 3

Lesson 2.9:
1) / let 'x' equal the inches of snow that reidville gets
/ '12x' equal the inches of snow that greenboro gets
/ you should set up the problem like: x + 12x = 65
/ add 'x + 12x' to get '13x'. 
/ divide both sides by '13'.
/ 5 goes into 13 to get 65. simplify the fraction to '5'.
x = 5
Reidville gets 5 inches of snow

2) / let 'x' equal the miles ansley ran in one month
/ you should set up the problem like: 15x + x = 192
/ add '15x + x' to get '16x'
/ divide both sides by '16'
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/ x = 12
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2(x+1)=3x+5 help rsm



Two solutions were found :

x =(2-√44)/4=(1-√ 11 )/2= -1.158

x =(2+√44)/4=(1+√ 11 )/2= 2.158

Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:

Given: 2(x+1)=3x+5

Distributive Property: 2x+2=3x+5

Subtract 2x on both sides: 2=x+5

Subtract both sides by 5: x=-3

Therefore, x=-3

What is the equation of the line described below written in slope-intercept form? the line passing through point (2, 4), parallel to the line whose equation is y = x y = -x y = x + 2 y = -x + 2


For this case we have that by definition, the equation of a line in the slope-intersection form is given by:

y = mx + b


m: It's the slope

b: It is the cut-off point with the y axis

By definition, if two lines are parallel then their slopes are equal.

If we have the following line:

y = x

Whose slope is m_ {1} = 1

So, a line parallel to it has a slope m_ {2} = 1

Therefore, the equation is of the form:

y = x + b

If the line passes through point (2,4), we can substitute in the equation and find "b":

4 = 2 + b\n4-2 = b\nb = 2

Finally, the equation is:

y = x + 2


y = x + 2



Step-by-step explanation:

If you can draw a number line that shows the relationship between tons and pounds, what would it be


2000 Pounds = 1 Ton
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