What is the solution for this equation 13m-22=9m-6. This is a equation with variables on both sides


Answer 1
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
Answer 2
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
13m-9m=22-6  <-- integer signs change when it goes to the other side of the  equal to sign

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Formar for solving an arithmetic progression ​


Step-by-step explanation:

a_(n) = a + (n - 1) * d


Step-by-step explanation: a + ( n- 1 )d


'a' means first term

'n' means number

'd' means common difference

What is the best estimate for the product of 289 and 7


I would estimate it as (300 x 7) = 2100

Then I would subtract (11 x 7) + 77 from that to get the exact answer of 2023

I didn't use a calculator or paper. The 'trick' is to notice that 289 = (300 - 11)

I was taught to round it up to the nearest ten, then multiply it like this,
289, rounded up is 290, then seperate the number, (200 + 90)

200 X 7 = 1400 (multiply the numeral, then add the zeros)
90 X 7 = 630 (repeat the same process)

1400 + 630 = 2030 (actual answer = 2023)

Need  ONLY     3   &  4, Thank you all in advance!!!!!!!!!!


3.her debt lowered cause negative means below 0 so 45 is less than 30

Find a 2 digit number less than 50 using these clues. It can be divided by 4 exactly. When 4 is added to it, it can be divided by 5.


The answer is 36I made a list of the 4's starting from 12 because it has to be double digit and ending at 44 because it has to be below 50 so I got 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 I added 4 to all of them and foun that the one that starting with 36 could be divided by 5 evenly

A radio telescope array is in an unpopulated desert region. The array covers a rectangular area that is one fourth square kilometer. The array is one twelfth kilometer wide. How long is the​ array? The array is [blank] kilometers long.



  3 km

Step-by-step explanation:

The area of a rectangle is given by the formula ...

  A = LW

Filling in the given information, we can solve for the length.

  1/4 = L·(1/12)

Multiplying by 12, we see that ...

  3 = L

The array is 3 kilometers long.

The volume of a cube is 68.921 ft.3 What is the length of each side?


not enoggh deatil but
 \60.369      v       v      v       v     v  
A cube has equal sides so the volume is calculated as
V= a x a x a verses the Volume of a box which equals
lenght x height x width

Now we take the 3rd root of 68.921 by 3✔ ️because all sides are equal on a cube. We have 4.10 ft.

4.10 ft x 4.10 ft =
16.81 ft^2

16.81 ft^2 x 4.10 ft = 68.921 ft^3