What is negative 94/21 converted into a positive number?


Answer 1
Answer: You can't just change negative numbers into positive numbers.  They're completely different things.

I'm sure you worked with the number line in school.  Do you remember how the negatives are on one side of zero, and the positives are on the other side ?

You dress a lot different when it's 40 degrees below zero outside, compared to what you put on when it's 40 degrees above zero.  They're completely different numbers.

In the same way, 1,400 feet below sea level is the lowest spot on Earth, at the Dead Sea in Israel, but 1,400 feet above sea level is like somewhere in Nebraska or northern Texas.  They're completely different numbers.
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Final answer:

To convert a negative fraction into a positive number, you can simply take the absolute value of the fraction.


To convert a negative fraction into a positive number, you can simply take the absolute value of the fraction. In this case, the absolute value of -94/21 is 94/21.

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So I have no idea how this even works so yeah can somebody please help me


I'll do the first one to get you started.

We want to compare the two fractions 3/4 and 7/8. For now, let's assume they are equal. Chances are they aren't, but we'll assume they are until we know otherwise.

So we have this equation 3/4 = 7/8

Let's cross multiply to get 3*8 = 4*7. Check out the attached image to see what I mean about "cross multiply" if you're not sure.

The equation 3*8 = 4*7 turns into 24 = 28 after you simplify each side. Clearly both sides aren't the same so the equation is not true. Meaning that the original equation 3/4 = 7/8 is not true. The right side of 24 = 28 is larger, so the right side of 3/4 = 7/8 is larger


Here's how it looks like listed out

3/4 = 7/8

3*8 = 4*7

24 = 28

The right side is larger, so we must change all the equal signs to less than signs

3/4 < 7/8

3*8 < 4*7

24 < 28


So that is why 3/4 is less than 7/8

Alternatively, you can use your calculator to find that 3/4 = 0.75 and 7/8 = 0.875; comparing 0.75 and 0.875, we see that 0.875 is larger. Therefore 7/8 is larger.


Final Answer: A less than sign