In Western Europe, what city would you find at 53 degrees north and 0 degrees west


Answer 1
Answer: There's no city there.  That point is in a cultivated field in a large farming region of eastern England.  It's just east of the A52 highway (Sibsey Road), south of Boston Long Hedges, and west of Willoughby Hills Road.  The nearest towns ... all within about 4 miles ... are Frithville, Fishtoft Drove, Anton's Gowt, Frith Bank,  (I am not making this up), Frampton Fen, and Wyberton Fen.

If you were shooting for London, you missed it by about 100 miles.

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This is a formal request to have a case heard or reviewed by an appellate court. This is the way most cases get to the Supreme Court.
What is paleontology?
Define the following: floodplain, delta, alluvial fan, and oxbow lake.
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Why do earthquakes and volcanic eruptions frequently occur in the same areas?A) Earthquakes cause volcanoes to erupt

B) Both are often created by the subduction of oceanic crust

C) Volcanoes and earthquakes both occur along plate boundaries

D) Volcanic eruptions open new fault lines between plates, which causes earthquakes



The earthquake and volcanoes occur in the same area and this has a 90% chance. The place where most of the volcanoes and earthquakes occurs is called as ring of the fire.

Reasons for occurrence

  • At the boundary of a destructive plate which is also known as convergent plate , there is a movement of two plates towards each other. This movement results in a clash between the two plates.

  • One plate starts melting due to the crash and the other one is pushed beneath the other plate. The melted plate becomes magma which forces itself upwards to which forms a volcano.

Therefore, earthquakes also occur due to the movement of tectonic plates and the same results in the formation of volcanoes. It can be concluded that "volcanoes and earthquakes both occur along plate boundaries" option C is correct.

Learn more about Earthquakes here:

First, you have to understand what convection is.

Did you know that the hotter something, the more it expands? This happen because heat, at an atomic level, is nothing but vibration. If a liquid is hot, it means that there is more vibration between it's atoms. And, more vibration causes to have more space between the atoms, which causes the density to decrease.

So, when a liquid has it's top cold, and it's bottom hot, the top will be more attracted by the gravity than the bottom, because it's more dense. This will cause the top to want a lot to get down, and the bottom, because of the pressure of the top, will want to go up. This will cause a spiral movement; the bigger the difference, the faster and the more violent this spiral movement will be (and that's what causes hurricanes)

So, what this has to do with Earthquakes and stuff?

The Earth, when it was formed, was really, REALLY hot. It has being losing it's heat ever since, but, since there is not air in the space, it can only lose it's eat though radiation, which is very  slow. And also, the bigger something is, the slower it cools down, because there is more vibration, more movement, more energy to be lost. The earth was formed 4,5 BILLIONS of years ago. That's A LOT of time. But the lost of heat by radiation is so slow, and the earth has so much heat to be lost, that it still didn't cool down that much.

You can think of Earth like a hot potato that got out of the oven just a little ago; the outer part is already cold, but just take a bite, and you will see how HOT it's insides are. You can't take a bit out of earth, of course, but it's insides are a lot hotter that the outside, because it's the outside that loses eat. The insides have to wait for the outsides to cool down, and then lose eat to the outside.

So... we got a planet that's really hot in the inside, so hot that it's mantle is made out of liquid rocks!

So, now, it's the time to connect the dots: the upper part of the mantle loses heat faster than the inner one. This causes a spiral movement, and, since the tectonic plaques are floating in this liquid, they move as well!

When two plaques move one against each other, they crash against themselves, and this causes an earthquake. If they keep moving against each other, one will go down and the other will go up, forming a montain. If they move away, this creates an open space; and since the liquid of the mantle has, like, THE WHOLE CRUST OF THE PLANET CRUSHING IT, the mantle is craving to get out, so when there is an opening, it squirts out like crazy, creating an eruption. After a while, the magma solidifies, creating a volcano.

1 What was the first European colony in the western part of North America?Santa Fe
Rio Grande
St. Augustine

2 What did the Spanish bring to the New World?
Honeybees and tobacco
Barley, oats, wheat, and oranges
Gold and Juniper

3 What was used to cure skin irritations?

4 Why did Hernando de Soto explore Florida?
To establish permanent settlements
To find both gold and a water passage to China and Japan
To find a mythical group of seven cities made of gold
To spread Christianity

5 What did the Proclamation of 1763 do?
Prevented French from going past the mountains
Prevented fur trade from going on past the mountains
Prevented settlers from going past the mountains
Prevented Native Americans from going past the mountains

6 What did a joiner do?
Taught school
Built houses
Joined wood together into things like cupboards and staircases
Introduced members of the colony to the church

7 Which of the plants below was used to cure diseases?

8 How did the False Face society heal people?
1They would wear very frightening masks to scare the evil spirits away. They believed that evil spirits caused illness.
2They would use various herbs and wild plants to create a paste which they would rub all over the sick person.
3They were the first of all Native Americans to practice conventional medicine.
4They would have patients wear a mask for 30 days and nights to ward off the evil spirits that they believed caused illness.



number 1 is albuquerque


St.Augustine was officially colonized first in 1565 but europeans first arrived in  Albuquerque in 1540.


Which of the following best describes the action that is creating the rift valley in Africa?(a) the african plate is colliding with the aribian plate

(b) the afriacn plate is spreading apart to form two seperate plates

(c) the eurasian plate is converging with the afriacn plate

(d) the eurasian and aribian plates are diverging


The correct is - (b) the African plate is spreading apart to form two separate plates.

The African tectonic plate, on of the biggest ones, but it will not be like for a long time in the future as the plate is separating into two parts. The eastern part of the plate is moving towards east, and it is moving away from the mainland Africa. Because of this movement, cracks have been forming all over the eastern side of Africa, thus the numerous faults. Over time, as the distance is increasing, the space in between will fill with ocean water, thus making a natural barrier between them, as well as setting the foundations for the creation of a new sea, or maybe even an ocean.

B is the correct answer

What are some benefits of globalization that have emerged during this pandemic?


Clear rivers in Venice
No Pollution
No litter

How did the Inca's culture change as they gained more land? please see help on desperate


They advanced in engeneriring, art and medicine. Oh and they started using a tool called a quipu

What does the continental drift and plate tectonics have in common?


plate tectonics is what caused the continental drift that's what they have in common
They continental drift move all in the world wide and the plate tectonics is move to too move different places