What is the least common multiple of 12, 20, and 18?


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is 180.
12 times 15 equals 180
18 times 10 equals 180
20 times 9 equals 180
Answer 2

Answer: 180

Step-by-step explanation:

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Find 3 ratios that are equivalent to the given ratio.
the ratio is 4 over 7






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Find the domain of the function.
f(x) = x² - 9x - 15
What is the domain off?


The domain of the function is all real numbers because it is a quadratic equation

What is the means-to-MAD ratio of the two data sets, expressed as a decimal?1.44

Data set Mean Mean absolute deviation (MAD)
1 10.7 2.4
2 13.7 2.5


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: 

To find the mean of a set, add up all of the numbers and divide by how many numbers you have. For the first set:
u = (10.7+2.4)/2 = 6.55
For the second set:
u = (13.7 + 2.5)/2 = 8.1

To find the mean absolute deviation, (MAD) find the mean of the distances of each number from the mean.
First set:
MAD = (|10.7-6.55| + |2.4-6.55|)/2 = 4.15
Second set:
MAD = (|13.7-8.1| + |2.5-8.1|)/2 = 5.6

The means-to-MAD ratio is simply that, divide one by the other and that's it.
For the first set:
6.55 / 4.15 = 1.57831325
For the second set:
8.1 / 5.6 = 1.44642857

Runners race around a rectangular park during the city marathon. The length of the park is 6 miles. The width of the park is 7 miles. Which is the correct unit of measurement to use when figuring out how many miles someone would run during the marathon? A. miles3 B. miles C. miles2



The question asks us to the miles someone would run during the marathon. Since, the marathon goes around the park, the question is asking for the perimeter of the rectangular park. The perimeter for a rectangle is:


The ending unit of measurement would be miles.

P=26 miles


it is b because i did i quzi

Step-by-step explanation:

In the following number, which digit is in the hundredths place?




The second number after the decimal point- the 6


6 is in the hundreths place

Step-by-step explanation:

After the decimal point it goes tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, and so on.

12b−15>21?? How is this done? Need help ASAP


+15 +15

12b > 36
----- ----
12 12

b = 3
12b - 15 > 21

12b > 21 + 15

12b > 36

b > 3