Please help and explain how to do it
Please help and explain how to do it - 1


Answer 1
Answer: so F(m) because F dollars for every mph over the speed limit
so 40 dollar speeding fine so +40 
10 dollars for every mile over and m=miles over so put them all toghether and get

so if you were going 78 mph
to find the mph over you would do 78-70=8mph over so put in 8 for m and get
F(8)=10(8)+40=80+40=$120 fine for going at 78 mph

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What mathematical operation applies (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) and write your equation in the box below.
Write expression as a complex number in standard form and show work [(13i)/(1-2i)]
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Find the difference between theproduct of 26.22 and 3.09 and the sum of 3.507, 2.08, 11.5, and 16.712. A. 47.2208   B. 58.3108   C. 4.489   D. 6.511


 26.22× 3.09   ≈  81.0198– 3.507  ≈ 7 7.5128– 2.08  ≈  75.4328– 11.5  ≈  63.9328– 16.712
≈47.2208 Your answer is A
the difference between the product of 26.22 and 3.09 and sum of 3.507, 2.08, 11.5 and 16.712

Now this looks messy, change them into numerals:
(26.22 × 3.09) - (3.507 + 2.08 + 11.5 + 16.712)
Clear the parenthesis:
81.0198 - 33.799

Answer is: A. 47.2208

What multiplies to -160 and adds to 6


These 3 numbers have a product of -160 and a sum of 6

8,-1+√21 and -1-√21.
The answer: -10×16=-160, -10+16=6, so the numbers are (-10,16).

29.8 is 10 times as much as what ​


The required proportion value is 2.98 which is equal to one-tenth of 29.8.

Given that,
To determine 29.8 is 10 times as much as a number.

What is arithmetic?

In mathematics, it deals with numbers of operations according to the statements. There are four major arithmeticoperators, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division,

What is simplification?

The process in mathematics to operate and interpret the function to make the function or expression simple or more understandable is called simplifying and the process is called simplification.

Let the number be x,

According to the question.
29.8 = x10
x = 29.8 / 10x
x = 2.98

Thus, the required proportion value is 2.98 which is equal to one-tenth of 29.8.

Learn more about arithmetic here:




Step-by-step explanation:

29.8 is 10 times as much as 298

Simplify the expression. 11c + 3(-5c + 4d)


11c + 3(-5c + 4d) =11c-15c+12d =-4c+12d

11c -15c + 12d
-4c + 12d

I hope you understand.

12 girls and 28 boys volunteer to plants trees at a school. The principal divides the girls and boys into identical groups that have girls and boys in each group. What is the greatest number of groups the principal can make?


The most groups that can be made is the greatest amount that both 12 and 28 can be divided by, or 4.  These four groups will each have three girls and seven boys.

What is .31 as a fraction


0.31 = 31%
% is out of 100 so 31% is 31 out of 100 which is 31/100 :)