Solve the equation 4+0.3x=19


Answer 1
Answer: Step #1).  Subtract 4 from each side of the equation.

Step #2).  Divide each side by 0.3 .

At this point, be careful.  The answer will jump up off the paper
into your face.
Answer 2






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Geometry One side of a rectangle is 5 inches long. Another side of the rectangle is 7 inches long. What are the lengths of the other 2 sides of the rectangle?


5 and 7 since  rectangles must have a pair of each sides

Explain how to subtract 247 from 538




Step-by-step explanation:

subtract 247 from 538

In general, subtract a from b is written as b-a. 'a' is get subtracted from b

subtract 247 from 538

we need to subtract 247 from the number 538

So it can be written as


When we subtract 247 from 538 we got 291

subtract 247 from 538 gives us 291

You just subtract as normal:

247 - 538 =

But since 247 is smaller than 538, your answer will be negative 

247 - 538 = -291

Plz help me w/these three problems reasonably easy sixth grade math thank you!!!!!


This is simple!
To begin with, arrange all the numbers in order.
5, 5, 20, 20, 25, 30, 35
Mean:  add all the numbers together and divide it by how many numbers are there
there are 7 numbers
Mean: (140)/(7) = 20
Median: The middle number, if the set of numbers have an odd number, then the one in between is the median, if there it is an even number, then the mean of the two in-between numbers is the median.
Median:  20
Mode: The most repeated numbers
Mode: 5 and 20
Range: Highest number - lowest number
Range: 35 - 5 
Order: 44, 48, 48, 49, 59, 61, 63, 68
Mean: 440 (sum of all numbers)
there are 8 numbers in total
Median: there are 8 numbers so, the mean of the in-between numbers will be the median
2 numbers
Mode: 48
Range = 68 - 44 = 24

What is the inverse of f(x)=6x-8




Step-by-step explanation:

use this method

y = 6x - 8 ➡ y + 8 = 6x ➡ (y + 8)/6 = x

now write x instead of y



f(x)=6x−8 f ( x ) = 6 x - 8 . sorry if this isnt it

Step-by-step explanation:

A minimum of a high school wrestling mat is 1444 square feet. what is the length of the mat?


The length of a wrestling mat with an area of 1444 square feet could be approximately 38 feet, if assuming the mat to be a square. However, without more specific information, the exact dimensions could vary while maintaining the same area.

Without additional information, we can't determine the exact length of the wrestling mat. However, if we assume the mat is a perfect square, where the length and width are equal, then we can find the side length by taking the square root of the area.

To find the square root, you can use a calculator and input 1444. You'll find that the square root of 1444 is approximately 38 feet. This would be the length of each side if the wrestling mat is a square.

Keep in mind that this is an approximation. The actual wrestling mat could have different dimensions but still have an area of 1444 square feet. For instance, it could be rectangular rather than square.

Learn more about Square root here:


The square root of 1444 is 38
(I used a calcultor)

Jorge planted flowers in his garden. He planted one row of 12 tulips and one row of 36 daisies. What is the ratio of tulips to daisies that Jorge planted? Express the ratio as a fraction and as a decimal.


The ratio would be 1:3
Fraction: 1/3
Decimal: 1/3
Percentage: 33%