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Answer 1
Answer: I think the easiest way to answer all of these is to just go ahead and find the equation of the line first. 

I'm pretty sure that by the time you reach this problem, you've learned to find
theequation of a line that passes through two given points.  You have twopoints:  (2, 100) and (5, 205).  The equation of the line through themis [ y = 35x + 30 ].

6).  The initial membership fee ... the cost for walking in the door and signing up,
before any months, is $30.  (Also the y-intercept.)

7).  The cost per month is $35.  (The slope of the line.)

8).  We already did that, up above.  [  y = 35x + 30 ].

9).  'x' in the equation is the number of months.
There are 12 months in one year.

y = 35(12) + 30 = $450

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* A turtle and a snail start moving towards each other when they are 200 feet apart. The turtle is running at a speed of T feet per minute, and the snail is moving at a speed of S feet per minute. How soon will they meet?
Annaka used partial quotients to divide 145 by 5. What can be a partial quotient?
cedric has 1 red pen, 1 blue pen, and 1 black pen in his desk. if he randomly takes two of them from his desk without replacement, what is the probility that he will take the blue and black pen?
Helene spends 12% of her budget on transportation expenses. Write this percent as a fraction and as a decimal.
You are playing tug-of-war in gym class. At the start, you take two steps back. The other team pulls, and you take three steps forward. Which expression can be used to find how far you are from your original position?-3+2 -2+3 -2+(-3) 2+3

A survey was done where boys and girls were asked if they would prefer to play inside or outside. The results of the survey are shown in the two-way frequency table. What percent of the boys surveyed prefer to play inside?

Enter your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.


25.2% of the boys surveyed prefer to playinside.

What is a percentage?

The percentage means the required value out of 100.

It is calculated by dividing the required value by the total value and multiplying by 100.

The percentagechange is also calculated using the same method.

In percentage change we find the difference between the values given.


Required percentage value = a

total value = b

Percentage = a/b x 100

We have,

To find the percentage of boys surveyed who prefer to playinside, we need to look at the frequency table and locate the value for boys who prefer to play inside, which is 0.252.

To convert this value to a percentage, we need to multiply by 100:

= 0.252 x 100

= 25.2%


25.2% of the boys surveyed prefer to playinside.

Learn more about percentages here:




Is correct. Have a good day!!

What is a system of equations?


Answer and Step-by-step explanation:

A system of equations is a group of equations that need to be manipulated in some way that will figure out the values of the variables.

The most common system of equations seen is a system of linear equations, which means that the degree of the variables is no more than 1. These can be solved using elimination, substitution, or even graphing, if applicable.

Hope this helps!


A system of equations is 2 or more equations that need to be solved. When you solve a system of equations, the answer is where the equations intersect on a graph. Sometimes there is 2 solutions (equations intersect twice), 1 solution (equations intersect once), no solution (equations don't intersect), or infinite solutions ( equations are the same).

They are usually solved using substitution, elimination, or simply looking at a graph to see where the lines intersect.

Some examples:




2x-y= -4

Which statement correctly compares 8/15 and 5/8 A. 8/15 > 5/8 B. 8/15 < 5/8 C. 8/15 = 5/8


The one is right is B. because 5/8 is bigger than 8/15.
we can find a common denominator
8/15 becomes 64/120
5/8 becomes 75/120
from this we can see that 5/8 is larger so the answer is B

How do you know when the model shows the final solution how do you read the solution


The final solution should be at the end 

a giraffe can run 46.93 feet per second how many feet can it run in 1.8 seconds with out cross multiplying justify your awnser


46.93 x 1.8 = 84 .474 feet in 1.8 seconds
the multiplier is 1.8 as it is a 80% increase on the 1 second that we already have the information for

If the giraffe can run 46.93 in one second it can run 46.93*1.8=84.474 feet in 1.8 seconds.


What is the equation of the vertical asymptote for the graph below? y=1/x−2


The equation of the vertical asymptote for the graph of y = 1/x - 2 is x = 2.

What is a vertical asymptote?

A vertical asymptote occurs when the denominator of a rational function (a function that can be written as the ratio of two polynomials) equals zero, but the numerator does not.

The equation is given in the question, as follows:

y = 1/x−2

We have to determine the vertical asymptote for the graph

In this case, the denominator is x, and when x = 2, the denominator equals zero.

However, since the numerator does not equal zero at x = 2, the graph will approach, but never touch the x-axis at that point, which creates a vertical asymptote.

Thus, the equation of the vertical asymptote for the graph of y = 1/x - 2 is x = 2.

Learn more about the vertical asymptote here:



1/x-2 Final result : 1 - 2x —————— x

Step by step solution :Step  1  : 1 Simplify — x Equation at the end of step  1  : 1 — - 2
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