Two angles in a triangle are equal and their sum is equal to the third angle in the triangle. What are the measures of each of the three interior angles?


Answer 1
Answer: A triangle is 180 if two angles equal to eachother and the other angle is these two combines the angels will be 45 45 90

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Review the table of values for function f(x).A 2-column table with 7 rows. Column 1 is labeled x with entries negative 2, negative 1, negative one-half, 0, one-half, 1, 2. Column 2 is labeled f (x) with entries 8, 5 and one-half, 4, one-half, negative 1, negative 2, negative 7.Which number is the value of f–1(–2)?–8–7StartFraction 1 Over 8 EndFraction1?
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Find the volume of a cylinder, given
the radius as 7cm and height 10cm.​




Step-by-step explanation:


V≈1539.38 just use the formula it’s easy

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The standard form of the equation of a parabola is
y=1x2 - 4x +21. What is the vertex form of the equation?
O A. y =(x+4)2 +13
O B. y=2(x+4)2 +21
C. y = 2(x-4)2 + 21
D. y = -(x-4)? +13


i thinhk is C DONT NOW

The answer is c ) y=2(x-4) 2+21

(10x² +34
+ 34x+ 30) = (2x+4)



2   =  0

This equation has no solution.

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A a non-zero constant never equals zero

A stock of food is enough to fees 50 persons for 14 days. How many days will the foos last if 20 persons will be added?




Step-by-step explanation:8 days

The expression 63 × 42 is equivalent to which of the following numerical expressions? 18 x 8


(6 x 4) 5




216 x 16

please answer


The required equivalent expression is (216 x 16).

The correct is D.

What is Expression?

In mathematics, an expression is a phrase that has at least two numbers or variables and at least one maths operation. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division are all examples of maths operations. An expression's structure is as follows:

(Number/variable, Math Operator, Number/variable) is an expression.

We have the Expression as,

6³ x 4²

Now, expand the exponents as

= 6 x 6 x 6

= 216

and, 4² = 4 x 4 = 16

Thus, the required equivalent expression is (216 x 16).

Learn more about expression here:




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is the correct answer for This question

How do you do this question?


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K is an upper bound for│f"(x)│on the interval [0, 1], so x ≤ 1.

Sine and cosine have maximums of 1, so an upper bound of │f"(x)│is:

│f"(x)│≤ (76 · 1 + 152 · 1 · 1)

│f"(x)│≤ 228