How do you do this problem?
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Answer 1
Answer: The pythagorean theorem states that a² + b² = c². 
We have a = 10 and c = 20. 
100 + b² = 400 
Subtract 100 from each side. 
b² = 300 
Get the square root of 300. 
It could be expressed as b ≈ 17.321, or could stay in radical form as√(300)
Hope this helps!

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How many times can 8 go into 46


how many times can 8 go into 46??

well, lets find out:

46  ÷ 8  = the amount of times 8 goes into 46.
46 ÷ 8 = 5.75

8 goes into 46, 5.75 times. ;)
46 /8 equals 6
This can also be done through multiplication tables

Hello everyone! I really need these two by Friday. & can you explain how you got the answer to the top one? Thank you all in advance!!!!!!!!! (it's just two)


the answer to the first:

x>9 ⇒ x∈(9,+∞)
the graph shows that the x is bigger that 9 but IT CAN'T BE 9, we can tell that because the inner of the dot is white (if the inner of the dot was black too it would meant that the x would be bigger that 9 but it could be 9 as well).
I also inserted a picture which shows what I'm talking you about (just ignore the greek on the top).

the answer to the second:

= 12x+7-5x-5+3y-y

What percent of 9775 is 1275


1275 ÷ 9775= 0.1304% or 0.13%

(02.01)Seth has game and education apps on his tablet. He noticed that he has 5 game apps for every 2 education apps. Which of the following is another way to write this ratio?



i) 5 to 2

ii) (5)/(2)

iii) 5 : 2

Step-by-step explanation:

Ratio is comparing the number of two things of the same kind.

The ratio can be written three different form.

i) a to b

ii) (a)/(b)

iii) a : b

Similarly, we can write 5 game apps for every 2 education apps.

i) 5 to 2

ii) (5)/(2)

iii) 5 : 2

you could write it as 5:2 (or 5/2) (game apps to education apps). alternately, you could write it as 2:5 or 2/5 (education apps to game apps). 

What is -10-9b+7b+5 simplified


what is -10-9b+7b+5 simplified

-10+5 -9b+7b

-5 -2b

Answer: -5-2b

What is greater 2/5 or 3/4


To find this you have to set the fractions equal to each other.

the common denominator between the two is 20

2/5 x 4/4 = 8/20
3/4 x 5/5 = 15/20

Therefore, 3/4 is bigger than 2/5.