Leon is reading a big chapter for social studies. He wants to reread a couple of pages after he finishes the chapter. What’s the best note-taking tool to use for this? a highlighter sticky notes flags a ballpoint pen


Answer 1


sticky notes flags


Sticky notes flags are great tools when you want to bookmark pages or paragraphs in a book, when you want to read that paragraph or page again. This is because you can paste the flag over the part of the page that you will need to reread later. A portion of the flag will stick out of the book, signaling the exact location you marked for rereading.

Sticky notes flags can be used to bookmark or highlight words in books ideal for those who don't want to mark with highlighter, or need to bookmark multiple pages or an entire chapter. Its great advantage is that it does not affect the page when it is removed, so it is ideal for use on borrowed books, such as those in the school library, for example.

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The only question left to be settled now is: Are women persons? I scarcely believe any of our opponents will have the hardihood to say they are not. Being persons, then, women are citizens, and no State has a right to make any new law, or to enforce any old law, which shall abridge their privileges or immunities. Hence, every discrimination against women in the constitutions and laws of the several States is today null and void precisely as is every one against negroes. -Susan B. Anthony. "Speech After Being Convicted of Voting

How does the use of a rhetorical question in this passage most clearly strengthen Susan B. Anthony's speech?

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I think its B but I can be wrong

I hope this helps!

Due Nov 3, 2:30 PM Attendance Question: What is the best candy to get on Halloween? Add class comment​


Answer: I would say Sour Patch Kids.

What did Brian’s teacher, Mr. Perpich, mean when he told his students that they were their most valuable asset? Why is it important for Brian to remember this now?



By asserting that his students were their most valuable assets, Mr Perpich was inculcating the habit of having positive attitude in the face of despair and tribulations.

At this point of facing survival issues, it was important for Brian to remember this lesson by Mr Perpich to bring into practice the valuable lesson inculcated by his English teacher about mental strength.


'Hatchet' is a book written by Gary Paulsen, about the survival story of Brian Robeson. When Brian was in wilderness and struggling to survive in the place where no help could be seen at hand, he recalled the lesson once his Old English teacher, Mr Perpich, gave in his class. In one of his class, Mr Perpich inculcated most important lesson to his students about surviving. He told them that 'they are their most valuable assets. They are the best thing they have.'Through this lesson, he imparted a important lesson to his pupil to have mental strength during the times of trials and tribulations.

At this point of life, when Brian was struggling to survive in wilderness, he recalled this lesson by Mr Perpich. This lesson helped him to face the challenge of surviving he was facing. By remembering this lesson at this point of time, it helped him to come out of the pit of self-pity and stand on the ground of self-reliance. By remembering this lesson, he realized that the only person who can help him get out of this situation is himself. Therefore, recalling of this lesson is important for Brian as it helped him to help himself come out of the situation and face the situation.

A student looks up the word 'motley' in a good dictionary and finds the following information included in the entry:1. The parti-colored attire of a court jester
2. A heterogeneous, often incongruous mixture of elements.
What type of information is this?
part of speech





The word 'motley' does not seem to describe any of words but denotation. Denotation means translating of a sign to its meaning, and from what the entries look like, denotation is the best answer.

When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would


Greg said he would prefer not to snorkel when it was time to go snorkeling.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a process through which the person usually travels or swims in water with the help of a mask and a tube.

Snorkeling is among numerous activities available on Isla de Corales' Mild Side. For a project, he had gone into a sea But when a school of blue and purple fish swirled surrounding Greg, Greg thought they have all been avoiding an attacker, and so swam more towards the yacht.

Greg mistakenly gulped a significant amount of liquid as just a seahorse approached, assuming they had indeed ingested the seahorse. After a physician examined him, he had assured that things were alright.

From that incident, Greg had always been considered an afraid child and was scared. and would not go snorkeling.

Learn more about Snorkeling , here:



When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would D.  stay on the boat and play Scrabble with the captain

What did Greg say?

When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said that he would prefer to stay on the boat and play scrabble with the captain. In the story, "Diary of A Whimpy Kid," we learn of Greg, a boy who preferred not to do manly things.

He was used to feminine attitudes like wearing the robes of his mother. So, when it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would stay on the boat and play Scrabble with the captain.

Learn more about "Diary of A Whimpy Kid" here:



Complete Question:

When it was time to go snorkeling, Greg said he would ---.

A  let Rodrick have the last life jacket

B  take a shift  cleaning the freshly caught fish

C go in the water long enough for one family picture

D  stay on the boat and play Scrabble with the captain

From a distance, they both look like seals, but once you get up close you can actually see the difference. Seals and sea lions are both fish-loving mammals. Moreover, handy flippers propel them both through the water. But while seals have a tiny opening on the side of their heads, sea lions have actual earflaps. Furthermore, sea lions use their back flippers like feet to scoot along the beach. On the other hand, seals must wriggle and roll to get ahead. On the whole, when you visit a zoo or theme park, it's the honking, barking, funny sea lion you're likely to find playing to the crowds for fishy treats, earflaps and all.In the passage about seals and sea lions, which transition is used to show a contrast? (5 points)

On the whole





Furthermore is used to continue the contrast of the sea lion. On the whole is used more as a somewhat closing piece for the entire piece, and moreover is used actually to compare rather than contrast. I hope this helps.