Can someone tell me what to do on this ):
Can someone tell me what to do on this ): - 1


Answer 1
Answer: On the periodic table, you will see that they are grouped into different groups. Well, on the right, you have the groups, obviously. You are supposed to match the elements to the group that it is in.

(If you don't know the groups, you can find one online under images.)
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*WORTH 12 POINTS * Punnett squares show all of the following except __________.A. all of the possible traits an organism can have B. the possible outcomes for the genotype of an offspring C. the possible outcomes for the genotype of an offspring D. the genotype of the father for a specific trait
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Which of the following is not a direct consequence of groundwater use? a. reduced water storage
b. increased surface water levels
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The answer is B, increased surface water levels.



Explanation:I just did it

What do decomposers do in an ecosystem


The decomposers in an ecosystem feed off of the compost of dead organisms, basically. 
An example is certain types of bacteria, which feed off of dead things. 

Which of the following is not evidence supporting the tectonic plate theory?Coal has been found under Antarctica.

Some continental coastlines fit together like puzzle pieces.

Glacier evidence has been found in continents that used to be attached to Antarctica.

Fossils of sea creatures have been found on land thousands of miles from any ocean.


Coal has been found in Antarctica is the right answer since it is completely unrelated to plate tectonics.

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I know its to late, but just in case of: Ptolemy is credited by the geocentric model. 

A researcher uses several procedures to separate a rock sample into different chemicals. A mass of 50 grams of one chemical is produced. If this chemical cannot be separated into other chemicals, then it is BEST described as Select one:
a. a compound.
b. a mixture.
c. a solution.
d. an element.


If a chemical can no longer be separated into other chemicals, it can be said that it is d. an element. This is because elements are the purest substances out there. Rocks are mixtures that are made of inerts and various minerals which are compounds. Compounds are then composed of elements. 

What happens if the body is unable to maintain glucose levels


what happens is you will get dieabeties


Diseases, such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, result.